Pool Painting with a Revelite Art Light in Arcadia Gallery

Art Light

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Every piece of fine art is unique and deserves to be brought to life with a premium lighting solution created with the same vision and attention to detail. The Revelite Art Light (AL) appears elegant and simple, disguising a very precise and highly-engineered product. By utilizing the latest LED and optical technology, the Revelite AL provides uniform illumination with incredible color-rendering ability from a compact optical package. Art revealed with science.
Sandra Jones Campbell Easel-Light

Easel Light

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Impressed by the vibrancy the Revelite Art Light reveals on displayed artwork, artists requested an Easel Light with the same quality of illumination. Studios often suffer from insufficient natural light, causing colors to appear muted and untrue. Finding a natural and consistent light source while painting often becomes a race against time, with only a narrow window in which to work. The patented Revelite Easel Light (EL) eliminates the race, providing uniform illumination across the canvas with incredible color-rendering accuracy at any time of day, whether in the studio, demonstrating on stage or painting a nocturne in the great outdoors.
Pool Painting with a Revelite Art Light - Arcadia Gallery, Culver City, CA


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To learn more about your options for wiring and mounting Revelite please explore Art Light and Easel Light accessories.
Sandra Jones Campbell painting with an Easel-Light

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