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Fine Art Lighting Is An Art In Itself.

Every piece of fine art is unique and deserves to be brought to life with a premium lighting solution created with the same vision and attention to detail. The Revelite Art Light (AL) appears elegant and simple, disguising a very precise and highly-engineered product. By utilizing the latest LED and optical technology, the Revelite AL provides uniform illumination with incredible color-rendering ability from a compact optical package. Art revealed with science.


The patented Art Light provides uniform light distribution over the entire width and height of an artwork. Traditional picture lights create a bright spot of light at the top of a piece and minimal light over the rest of a canvas. Revelite’s high degree of light control brings focus to the entire canvas and minimizes spill light around the artwork. To achieve this uniformity, each Art Light is custom built and factory calibrated for an artwork’s specific dimensions, resulting in a bespoke art display light product.


The Art Light’s minimal form virtually disappears against the frame or wall and pairs well with various styles of art including impressionist, modern, contemporary, cartography and photographs behind glass. Select an Art Light with a more traditional round profile or the low profile form factor to suit your artwork and design aesthetic.


Revelite LED Art Light technology is art safe, providing a safer alternative to legacy sources that emit excessive and damaging UV and heat.


The quality of a light source significantly impacts the colors that we see. The Revelite AL artwork lighting incorporates LEDs with a high Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) and R9 Value to accurately reflect the artist’s color palette. The 3000K color temperature light source remains constant through the dimming curve and keeps whites natural and crisp, ideal for wall art lighting illuminating both old world masters and contemporary pieces.


Revelite fine art lighting is virtually maintenance free, with a lifetime rating of over 50,000 hours.


Although originally designed for illuminating works of art, the Revelite AL is also an ideal light for illuminating feature walls, book shelves, displays, menu boards and anywhere a precise, vertical wash of light is required.


"These lights revealed subtleties in paintings you just don’t see with ordinary lights. I think we are seeing, truly for the first time, what the artist really wanted us to see."

Pat Trenton, Ph.D. Art Expert, Curator and Writer

"In over 40 years of being in the art business I have never seen a better quality light to illuminate artwork than the new Revelite. In my opinion Revelite will revolutionize the art lighting industry."

George Stern George Stern Fine Arts



In order to achieve uniform illumination, each Revelite AL is built specifically for the height and width of the art it will illuminate.


In order to achieve uniform illumination, each Revelite AL is built specifically for the height and width of the art it will illuminate.

  • AL1
  • Features a single, aimable LED module within the housing designed for artwork of 16” or less in height.

  • AL2
  • Features dual, independently aimable LED modules within the housing designed for artwork over 16”. The AL2 is optimized for even uniformity up to 36” in height. For artwork greater than 36” in height, the light will gradualy taper off, but provide vertical performance up to 60”. For very large pieces, it maybe advised to light from both the top and bottom of the artwork.

Revelite AL1-AL2 Illumination Area Standard Mount

Revelite luminaires are available in widths from 7” to 60” (nominal), in predetermined increments. To select the appropriate sized Art Light, measure the width of the art, not including the frame. When matching the art width to the available Revelite width, round down to the next available size. The distribution of light will provide complete coverage of the artwork.

  • Examples
  • Art width: 31" Recommended Revelite: 29" (even though a 31" is available)

  • Art width: 49" Recommended Revelite: 48"

If your art is wider than 60 inches, multiple fixtures can be installed side by side and connected with a Connector Bracket Kit. Select lights of equal widths (that add to the nearest artwork width) to provide even spacing between mounting positions. Include the appropriate number of Connector Bracket Kits from the accessories page.

When ordering online, simply enter your artwork dimensions and the Revelite configurator will determine the appropriate size of Art Lights.

Disclaimer: Revelite fixtures specified for artwork with a width greater than 60" will ship as two separate fixtures joined with a connector bracket.

Revelite Illumination Area - Frame Measure
7 10 12 14 17 19 22 24 26 29 31 34
36 38 41 43 46 48 50 53 55 58 60  


The minimal form of the Art Light virtualy disappears when the finish is matched either to the frame or the wall color. Standard finishes include Brushed Aluminum and powder-coat painted Gold, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Black and White. Premium finishes include Brushed Brass and Satin Nickel. Please inquire about custom finish options.

Revelite Art Light in Oil Rubbed Bronze
Revelite Art Light standard finish - Oil Rubbed Bronze Oil Rubbed Bronze
Revelite Art Light standard finish - Brushed Aluminum Brushed Aluminum
Revelite Art Light standard finish - Gold Gold
Revelite Art Light white finish White
Revelite Art Light black finish Black
Revelite Art Light standard finish - White
Revelite Premium Finishes
Revelite Art Light premium finish - Brushed Brass Brushed Brass
Revelite Art Light premium finish - Satin Nickel Satin Nickel


Two housing styles are available: a traditional round profile and a minimalist, low profile. Select the profile to suit your artwork and design aesthetic. 


The low profile provides the most discrete view of the art light.

Revelite Art Light's low profile
Revelite Art Light with Bronze - low profile, angle Revelite Art Light Bronze low profile front

The round profile provides the look of a more traditional art light.

Revelite Art Light's Classic Round profile
Revelite Art Light Bronze Round angle Revelite Art Light Bronze Round Front



Revelite AL is available in a 3000K Color Correlated Temperature (CCT). This ideal CCT was selected based on testing different LED CCTs with multiple artwork styles and color schemes. Legacy picture lighting, which often uses 2700K or 3000K halogen lamps, casts an amber hue that shifts to orange as it's dimmed. The Revelite LED source maintains its color tempurature at any light level through the dimming curve.


Hue, value and intensity are all viewed as the artist intended with a 90+ Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) light source. The Spectral Power Distribution of the Revelite LEDs demonstrates a consistency and full range across the visible spectrum. With an R9 value of 83, reds read strong and vibrant.

Revelite LED Art Light Color Spectrum

The actual delivered lumens will vary based on the final calibration of the Art Light to the artwork.

470 lumens per foot MAX at full brightness
940 lumens per foot MAX at full brightness

The intensity of light and distribution will also vary based on the adjusted settings of the Art Light to the canvas. The sample photometric distribution shown is based on an AL2 Revelite calibrated for a 24” tall canvas. The candela curve indicates a 20°x 40° beam angle (nominal) with a maximum intensity of 325 candela at 10° vertical.

Sample candela curve based on an AL2 Revelite calibrated for a 24” tall canvas



The Standard Mount includes two slim 90° arms that slide into a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket can be installed either on the back of the frame or directly to the wall behind the art. If you plan to move your artwork, such as in a museum or gallery installation, it may be advised to install the bracket on the frame so that the art and its customized Art Light move together. The standard mount may use a plug-in power supply or be hardwired to a power supply within a j-box (local or remote).

Revelite Illumination Area - Frame With Light Standard - Front and Back

The Direct Wire Mount attaches to the wall above an art piece via a single arm and back plate connected to an appropriately sized j-box. A square canopy (for a 2-gang j-box) or a rectangular canopy (for a horizontally mounted single gang j-box) are available. The Direct Wire Mount requires a hardwired power supply, a plug-in power supply is not available.

Revelite Illumination Area - Frame With Direct Wire Mount


The Art Light is a low voltage (24V) luminaire that requires a low voltage DC power supply, furnished by Revelite

5 watts per foot MAX at full brightness
10 watts per foot MAX at full brightness

The plug-in power supply is similar to a power adapter for a laptop. It plugs into an AC wall outlet and provides a total cord length of 9’. Each light also comes with 6' of white Microwire to extend the distance from the light to the wall outlet. Flat Taperwire which can be spackled and painted to match your wall color is also available as an accessory to create a clean look without hardwiring. Note that a plug-in power supply is only available with Standard Mounting and is included in the price.

Revelite Art Light plug-in power supply

Hardwire installations require an electrician, but create clean installations with no visible wires around the artwork. To hardwire a Revelite AL, a power supply is installed inside a junction box recessed into the wall behind the art for Standard Mount or above the art for Direct Wire Mount. A single power supply (appropriately sized) may also be located remotely to power multiple Art Lights. Consult with the factory to determine the appropriate power supply to power multiple units. Hardwire power supplies are available at an additional cost.

Revelite Art Light power supply - hardwire

The Revelite Art Light is 0-10V dimmable down to 10%. Each Art Light is supplied with a control switch for ON/OFF and dimming adjustment that may be discreetly located behind artwork on the edge of the frame or the wall. Alternatively, the Art Light is compatible with most third party 0-10V dimming systems. The Revelite AL cannot be dimmed using phase dimming (TRIAC or ELV).

Revelite Art Light power supply with dimmer

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