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Product Description

To order a Revelite AL, please fill in the fields below. For large installations, please contact us directly. If you have any questions, please call us at (949) 715-1534.

The Revelite AL was born out of an art enthusiast’s frustration with traditional picture lights. There was no light that could present artwork well enough to create the artist’s original vision.

At the beginning of the Revelite’s development, three goals were presented that had to be met in order for the Revelite AL to stand proud as the first functioning art light over a sea of inadequate attempts:

- The light had to illuminate the entire surface of the artwork evenly, from top to bottom and side to side.
- The light had to render colors honestly so that the they appear as the artist intended.
- The form of the light was to transcend a traditional and modern design aesthetic while being as unobtrusive as possible.

By utilizing the untapped resources of recently-developed LED and optic technology, the Revelite AL is able provide amazingly even light with incredible color-rendering ability from a compact optical package that would not have been possible a decade ago.

Although originally designed specifically for illuminating works of art, the Revelite AL is also an ideal fixture for illuminating displays, such as menu boards at restaurants or portable displays at trade shows.

The Revelite AL appears clean, elegant and simple. However, as one investigates what makes this fixture work so well, they will find that it is a precise and highly-engineered product. Its revolutionary design is the culmination of the work provided by a diverse collective of engineers and designers, including a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, optical engineer, computer science engineer, and an industrial designer.

Even Light Distribution

Our patented technology allows much better control of the distribution of light over a specified surface. This leads to much more uniform brightness from top to bottom and side to side. Since their invention, picture lights have been plagued by the problem of making artwork appear too bright at the top and too dim at the bottom.

Light the Artwork, Not the Wall

The ability to control the Revelite AL’s light output also allows a minimal amount of light to be spilled on the walls surrounding the artwork. This results in attention being directed toward the artwork.

Excellent Color Rendering

The light that the Revelite AL emits has very high color rendering properties, resulting in vibrant colors and brilliant whites. The LEDs used in the Revelite AL have a Color Rendering Index average (CRIa) of over 90 and an R9 value of over 85. The CRI scale is used to quantify how accurately a light source renders colors. The CRIa value is an overall score and the R9 is a score that is specific to saturated reds, which are very important in most artwork.


The lack of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light makes the Revelite AL much safer for use on sensitive artwork by greatly reducing fading and cracking.

Constant Color Temperature Dimming

The Revelite AL can be dimmed down to very low levels while maintaining consistent color temperature. Usually, consistent illumination levels are desired across a collection, which results in smaller pieces requiring a less powerful light source. This is usually accomplished by dimming individual fixtures to different levels. However, when incandescent lamps are dimmed, the color temperature of the light becomes "warmer". This results in colors appearing differently across the collection which can be distracting and arguably deceiving. Each Revelite AL in a collection can be "fine tuned" using the included micro dimmer switch (or a compatible remote dimmer) without having to worry about maintaining color consistency.

Inconspicuous Size

The Revelite AL has a cross section of only 2 ¼  by 1 ⅛  inches, and protrudes from the front of the canvas only 7 inches. This allows attention to be drawn to the art, not the fixture. The Revelite AL’s ability to achieve such high performance out of such a small package is the result of our intensive engineering work combined with incredible recent advancements in LED and optical technology.

Low Maintenance

The LEDs used in the Revelite AL have a life rating of over 60,000 hours (L70), compared to as little as 1,000 hours for incandescent technologies. This translates into no maintenance other than occasional dusting.

Each Revelite is built to the width of the canvas it is intended to illuminate.There are two basic models: the Revelite AL1, which is optimized for paintings up to 16 inches tall, and the Revelite AL2, which is optimized for paintings over 16 inches tall. Both models are available in widths from 7 to 60 inches. If a piece is wider than 60 inches, multiple fixtures can be installed side by side. The vertical light distribution will be pre-adjusted for the height of the painting at our facility.

Enter the height and width of a canvas into the fields above for the website to determine the correct size and model Revelite for the installation. If your installation includes many pieces for a gallery or private collection, please contact us directly and we will work with you to provide a quote.

Standard finishes include Gold, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Black, White, and Brushed Aluminum.

Please inquire about custom finishes.

There are 3 steps to installing the Revelite AL fixture.

  1. Mount the Fixture - The Revelite comes with the necessary hardware to mount the fixture to either the back of the picture frame or to the wall behind the painting.
  2. Mount the Dimmer - Mount the included low profile micro dimmer switch to the back of the frame. Or, if desired, the Revelite AL can be controlled by third-party 0-10V dimming solutions such as the Lutron Diva NFTV dimmer switch.
  3. Connect to Power - The Revelite AL is a low voltage fixture that runs on 24VDC power. We have both plug in and hardwired power supply options that allow the power supply to be mounted to the back of the picture frame, in a junction box, or remotely. Power can be run discretely from a remote power supply to the back of the frame using microwire or tape wire.

Download Installation PDF

Revelite Technical Spec Sheet PDF

Revelite Tearsheet PDF

Input Voltage: 24VDC

Power Consumption:

AL1: 5 Watts per foot at full brightness
Al2: 6-10 Watts per foot at full brightness (depending on vertical adjustment)

Light Output:

AL1: 390 lumens per foot at full brightness
AL2: 468-780 lumens per foot at full brightness (depending on vertical adjustment)
Hood Dimensions: 2 ¼” deep  X 1 ⅛” tall  (width approx. matches width of canvas)

Power Supply Options:

  1. Plug in - This standard power supply is similar to a power adapter for a laptop. It plugs into a regular AC wall outlet and provides a total cord length of 9’. Each fixture also comes with 6' of Microwire. This allows the power supply to be located farther away from the fixture.
  2. Hardwire - This option allows the power supply to be placed inside a junction box recessed into the wall and will require the help of an electrician. Hardwire installations require more work but will allow a Revelite of any size to be mounted with no wires showing.

Wiring Accessories:

  1. Microwire - A slim wire that carries low voltage from the power supply to the Revelite fixture. With a narrow profile of 0.055 x 0.110 in, microwire can be discretely run from the fixture to a remote power supply in an unobstructive manner. Comes standard in 25 ft length with DC connectors installed on both ends to make installation as simple as using an extension cord. Microwire is white and comes with three adhesive wire clips which hold the wire tight against the wall. Please inquire for custom lengths.
  2. Taperwire - This paper-thin flat wire gives an incredibly discrete power solution without having to go through the process of installing a junction box. Installation is as simple as peeling off the back and sticking the flat Taperwire onto a wall from the floor up to behind a frame. One end may then be plugged into our standard plug-in power supplies and the other end can be plugged into the Revelite fixture. Measuring only 1/64" thick, Taperwire can be painted over to create a completely invisible connection between a Revelite and its power supply. Please inquire for custom lengths.

Why choose the Revelite AL instead of other picture lights?

The Revelite AL excels for 4 main reasons:

  1. Even Light Distribution - Our patented technology allows much better control over the distribution of light over the artwork, leading to much more uniform brightness from top to bottom and side to side. This control also allows us to limit the amount of light spilled on the wall surrounding the artwork. Since their invention, picture lights have been plagued by the problem of making artwork appear too bright at the top and too dim at the bottom. The Revelite is the first product to overcome this flaw.
  2. Excellent Color Rendering - The light that the Revelite AL emits has very high color rendering properties, resulting in vibrant colors and brilliant whites.
  3. No UV - The lack of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light makes the Revelite AL much safer for sensitive mediums by greatly reducing the risk of fading and cracking.
  4. Small Profile - The small size and multiple color options make the Revelite AL as visually unobtrusive as possible, while still allowing excellent performance.

How do I measure my painting?

We will need to know the dimensions of the canvas, not including the frame. Painting dimensions are specified with the height first and width second. For example, 18" H X 24" W.

Why does your website recommend a Revelite fixture that is smaller than the width of my canvas?

Due to the electronics used in our design, we build Revelite fixtures in width increments of roughly 2.5” inches. In order to best match a Revelite fixture to the size of your canvas, we round down the width dimension you enter to the next available size of Revelite that we offer. We have found that this system provides the most even illumination while preventing spillover of unwanted light onto the frame.

Does the Revelite AL get hot?

The fixture gets warm but is never too hot to touch.

Is the Revelite AL safe for sensitive works like water colors?

All light has a negative effect on artwork. However, ultraviolet (UV) light is the most damaging and has no benefit since humans can’t see it. The LEDs used in the Revelite AL emit virtually no UV radiation, making them much safer than other light sources for use on all types of art, including works on paper such as watercolors. The Revelite AL also emits very little infrared (IR) light, which is wasted energy in the form of heat. Infrared light causes the artwork to heat up which can lead to cracking. The ability to precisely control dimming also allows desired light exposure levels to be managed.

Does the fixture require a transformer?

The led driver is integral, however the fixture requires an included external 24VDC power supply which can be installed remotely, mounted to the back of the frame, hung on the wall behind the painting, or placed in a junction box. When ordering, specify the type of installation and we will supply the correct transformer. Aftermarket low voltage power supplies with the proper specifications may also be used to power and dim the Revelite. If you wish to use an aftermarket power supply, please contact us to check that it will be compatible with your Revelite fixtures.

What is two zone dimming and trajectory control?

For paintings over 16" tall, we recommend a Revelite AL2 fixture that has two rows of lights. One row illuminates the bottom half of the painting, while the other fills in the top. The brightness of each of these rows and the angle at which they project light can be independently adjusted on the fixture. We aim these rows to calibrate each light to the size of the canvas specified for each fixture. If a Revelite fixture is swapped onto another painting, the rows can be recalibrated following the guidelines available in our instructions.

Is the Revelite AL dimmable?

The fixture comes with a small on-off switch and dimmer housed in a small aluminum box. It usually mounts to the back of the artwork’s frame where it is hidden from sight. It is also possible to dim the fixture remotely using 0-10V dimming systems, such as the Lutron Diva NFTV. These systems require a set of low voltage wires and are commonly used to control dimming of fluorescent and LED fixtures. Wireless systems are also available for installations where proper wiring is not in place.

Will the Revelite AL work for artwork taller than 36”?

The Revelite AL is designed to provide excellent light uniformity for paintings up to 36” tall. The fixture will still outperform other frame mounted fixtures on tall pieces, however there will start to be some drop in light intensity at the bottom of these pieces. If excellent uniformity is desired on very tall artwork, a second fixture can be installed at the bottom of the piece.

What is Microwire?

The Revelite AL is an energy efficient, low voltage device. This means that the wire between the power supply and the fixture poses no risk of electric shock and can be very small. Our microwire is only 0.055 x 0.110 in. and can be ran along a wall without appearing obtrusive. Microwire is white and can be painted over.

Is an electrician required to install the Revelite AL?

The plug in version is simply plugged into an outlet and does not require an electrician. The hardwired version which allows the transformer to be hidden in a junction box in the wall does require an electrician.

What is Color Rendering?

Color rendering (CRI) is a measure of a light source’s ability to faithfully reproduce colors.

Is the fixture designed to be mounted to a junction box?

Currently the fixture is designed to be mounted to the back of the frame or to the wall. We don't have a standard junction box mount at this time. We hope to add one in the near future so please let us know if you require this. If you wish to do an installation that will require a custom mounting solution, please feel free contact us with as much information as possible.

How do I wire the Revelite if I live outside of the United States?

The Revelite AL is a low voltage fixture and uses an external transformer. We will supply you with a transformer with the appropriate voltage input and plug style. If the lights you order are being shipped outisde of the US, please be sure to note which country the lights will be sent to in the comments section.